Deluxe Pet Doctor Vet Kit

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A 16-piece toy, which includes a plush puppy, puppy carrier, clamp, scissors, syringe, animal health chart, animal ID card, tweezers, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, mirrors, stethoscopes, curry brushes, grooming combs, collars with tags, and water bowls, is packed full of everything you need to take care of your sick dog.

These very realistic veterinary tools are perfect for engaging your child in highly creative play. Educates your child about animal kindness.
A DURABLE CARRY CRATE - Your child can carry around the Puppy's carrier anywhere he or she goes because the carrier is very durable. In addition to being a carry crate, the holder keeps all the veterinary clinic equipment safe.
This would make an excellent gift for a Christmas, Birthday, or any special occasion. It’s the perfect gift for any child expressing a love of animals or animal caretaking.
HOURS OF FUN – This 16 piece veterinary clinic toy will provide your child with hours of fun. He or she may even practice giving shots to you!